Rebecca Bateson



Its not always about food.


Food choices are closely related to how we feel about ourselves and what is going on in our lives. It not always about the food, but that can sure help. I work closely with all ages specifically struggling with disordered eating or chronic failed dieters. I work along side them to help their preoccupations with food so they can build a balanced, healthy lifestyle and find healing.

My passion lies with listening to others issues and providing them tools to help them get un-stuck from a place of misery or illness. 

I support my clients to use food as a tool to nourish their whole self and create a balanced, self-loving, sustainable lifestyle where they are more comfortable in their own skin. I’m excited to have the opportunity to support people in creating happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives for themselves!


I offer personalized speaking engaments and workshops in Columbus, Ohio and the US. For more info, check out my contact page.



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